Facility Information


Kyoto Arashiyama Onsen
Ryokan Hanaikada

Minami-tsume, Togetsu-kyo, Arashiyama, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, 616-0004
TEL: +81-75-861-0228
- English speaking staff
- Private open-air onsen bath
- Free pick-up at JR Saga Arashiyama Sta.
- Rooms with open-air onsen bath
- Free WiFi at the lobby
- Free shuttle to the scenic railway
- Japanese-style guest rooms
- Major credit cards accepted
- Check-in : from 3:30 p.m.
- Check-out : until 10 a.m.


The size of the main room in our standard guest rooms ranges from 7.5 to 12 tatami mats (total area of about 19 to 36 sq. meters). We also have guest rooms with a private open-air bath.

Guest room with an open-air bath (With no view)no smoking

#   #   Mokuren-no-ma (Room Magnolia) features an open-air bath where you can enjoy the pleasant sound of a mountain breeze of Arashiyama.

Guest room with a bath made of stone (With no view)no smoking

#   #   Ran-no-ma (Room Orchid) features a bath made of stone.

Standard guest roomsno smoking


12-tatami-mat guest room with a bathroom and a toilet


10-tatami-mat guest room with a bathroom and a toilet

8-tatami-mat guest room with a bathroom and a toilet

7.5-tatami-mat guest room with a washroom

Twin bed room


Facility Description

Number of guest rooms   13 (11 standard guest rooms, 1 guest room with a private open-air bath, 1 guest room with a private half-open-air bath)
WiFi   Free (Available only at the Lobby)
Bathhouses   Large bathhouses with indoor and open-air baths (1 for men, 1 for women)
Open-air baths with a great view   1 for men, 1 for women
Private bath   1 (at charge)
Guest room amenities   Toiletries (tooth brush, hair brush, razor), washing towel, bath towel, refrigerator, yukata cotton kimono, TV, hair dryer
Additional services (extra fee applies)   Massage, home delivery
Guide dog stay   Accepted
*The building has no elevator. If you have any problem getting around the building, please let us know. We are willing to help you.